The Norwegian Sea

Friday, 28 July 2023

A surprising day at sea, as we had expected these northern waters to be wild and windy. What we encountered was (as far as the sea can be) a millpond. Smooth, calm, totally passive.

We spent the day enjoying the provided entertainment, reading books and eating far too much good food; the simple pleasures of doing nothing much at all.

During the morning we crossed the 66th parallel, the Arctic Circle.  For the next few days, we stay in Arctic waters, visiting Honningsvåg, Nordkapp , Tromsø and Leknes (Lofoten Islands).  The sea remained fairly calm with a few more waves - not enough to be noticed. Temperatures peaked around 12ºC, but felt quite a bit colder on deck, sailing into the breeze. The sun made occasional, if brief, appearances through the clouds. During the late afternoon and evening, the wind and sea became a bit more lively, but not enough to become “inconvenient”.

Our day on board was pretty much a repeat of Friday: food, reading, lectures and theatre shows.  Simple pastimes, simple pleasures to be enjoyed.

Tomorrow we arrive in Honningsvåg, 71º North - about 310 miles north of the Arctic Circle!!!!!

Above the Arctic Circle

Saturday, 29 July 2023